Dam design specialist

Ref. No.: RENRU1417



Currently FUTURE Search&Selection, is assisting its Client – a multidisciplinary consulting company offering the services within transport, urban development, building, industry, water, environment and energy sectors, in finding a Candidate for a DAM DESIGN SPECIALIST position, to take part in Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP), in India.


The  ?Specialist  will be part of an Expatriate and National Team appointed to assist in performing assistance in Design review, third party supervision for construction and quality control as we l l as dam safety institutional strengthening.

The Dam Design Expert will act as the coordinator of design review part of the project  a nd the Team Leader


The Dam Design Expert will be in charge of providing support, review and auditing services to ensure that the overall rehabilitation designs, works and trainings performed within the DRIP project will be done complying with international modern methods of structural and hydraulic safety assessment and rehabilitation using state-of-the art materials and construction techniques.

The Dam Design Expert will review the detailed designs for identified rehabilitation works of each dam, arranged for by state project authorities. He shall ensure the compliance of the designs and the rehabilitation works with relevant lndian standards and with best international practices where such lndian standards are not available.

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Seismic Design review

Carry out review of the design earth quake parameters, and review of the structural designs for seismic safety

Carry out dynamic analysis, wherever required

Review of:

the strength and porosity of existing mate rials of the dam

effectiveness of foundation treatment

seepage through the dam & foundation

condition of galleries and other drains

filter and rip-rap in earth dam

and general health of the dam   Requirements: Education/Degree :   Degree in Civil Engineering with post-graduation in structural or water   Years of experience :   About 15 years experience in designs of dams and its appurtenances    The Candidate should have minimum 15 year experience Design of large dams.