Ref. No.: RENRU1417



For our international Client, a highly respectful construction company we seek to appoint a Buyer for the purpose of a road project execution.



Define the Vendor List of project;
Prepare requests for quotation and conditions of purchase;
Run the tabulation of economic offers received and draw up its report;
Perform business negotiations with national and international suppliers also making dedicated appointments;
Perform scouting for new suppliers;
Perform when required and consistent with business processes orders and purchases.
Perform market research on critical products to stock, with particular reference to the structural elements, perform technical and economical analysis of alternative suppliers, provide the management of the site and the competent office at headquarters with the necessary information for the choice of supplier; identify alternative suppliers processing benchmarks and provide the competent offices with all the elements necessary for the signing of purchase contracts.
Based on the construction methods and the time limit imposed by the Program of Work, define the time delivery of each lot of supply and provide the competent offices at headquarters or, in the case of open contract, directly to suppliers, a detailed program of supply.
Monitor, through systematic control and monitoring, that the products are supplied in the manner and within the time set by this program and report to the Site Manager any deficiencies and non-compliance.
Work with the Site Manager and Technical Services of site in preparing the program of Procurement.

Wiedza, umiejętności i doświadczenie

Education: Engineering Degree or Diploma in Surveying

Fluency in Italian or English

Previous experience as a buyer on projects related to the construction of infrastructure

Previous experience is appreciated in RED FIDIC contracts

Use of management software (eg. SAP) as well as the Office package.